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The Sun shines in Africa

more than any other place in

the World, No one should

lack a light in the dark,

"It Brings Hope."

The Sun shines in Africa more than any other place in the world, we are poised to end darkness to light if we harness this free energy from the sun. Lets change the narrative from a billion people with no access, to the majority having clean access to energy. No one should lack a light in the dark, it brings Hope; it is our endeavor to play our part.


Harnessing solar energy from the sun, save money, lives, the environment and increase productivity in agriculture sector, at institutions of learning, hospitals, businesses and industry. These are real challenges that require reliable decentralized smart on/off-grid solar solutions


Epic Energy is a renewable energy solutions company with the aim of providing solutions to your energy needs there by giving our clients a peace of mind with their investment. Given the opportunity we take you on a journey of energy needs analysis, system design all the way to engineering  and providing the warranties, backup and technical support as a key integral part of our strategy.


We are proud of our competitive technical team ensuring we meet the high standards of service delivery and support. Our solutions include, Energy Audits, Solar Water Pumping Solutions, Solar Home & Commercial Solutions and, designing & implementation of Turnkey Energy Projects . Our offering is for the convenience of the Zimbabwean people as we combat against power scarcity and creating a better future. Epic Energy is a member of the Energy Access Practitioner Network established by the United Nations through the SustainableEnergy4all initiative by 2030.

Our Mission

Renewable energy for Africa, to save the earth, save the people and improve livelihoods

Guiding Principle

Transform and empower others, becoming an agent of change.

Our Values

  • Integrity

  • Dependability

  • Trust Worthy

  • Innovation – Aspect of using technology

  • Team-work

  • Religion

Africa’s specialized leading renewable providers by 2030.
Our Vision
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